Cricketers British Pub

Dear Dunedin,

Yesterday, I visited this clean British themed pub for the first time since moving back to Dunedin in December, and I’m very glad I did  –my last visit was over 12 years ago. The bartendress greeted us warmly. The draught was cold, and the food was hot and crispy.  Everything about Cricketers reminded me of both a British Pub and an American sports bar. It was much bigger than I remembered. There’s easily room for parties of 4,5 or 6.  The British influence is apparent in the abundance of lacquered wood, traditional pub grub (Bangers and Mash, Fish N Chips, Curry, Shepherd’s Pie, etc.), English brews on tap, and the sports bar vibe can be found in the pop/rock music on the radio, multiple TV’s playing sports, and trivia devices at the bar.IMG_3982.jpg

My friend and I ordered from the lunch specials menu. My Reuben sandwich had a good amount of corned beef, and the fries were perfect…for $9.99. My friend ordered the turkey club sandwich. It looked great and there were no complaints (see pics below).img_3988img_3985

The beer pricing was a little steep. $6.75 for the pictured glass of Bass below…but they did have a $3 special (Goose Island IPA) that sort of made up for it.img_3981

Next time I visit Cricketers I’ll try the brew that is on special and the fish and chips…they give you a choice of three different kinds of fish!


Located at:

2634 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698
(727) 736-1322

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