Dear Dunedin,

Skip’s is my FAVORITE Dunedin “dive” bar…and when I say “dive” I mean it in the best way possible. (BTW: We are a pitcher-and-a-half in so my review may be a bit convoluted…but this is my honest opinion ….and yes, we’re taking Uber home)

Skip’s is wonderfully original and rough-around-the-edges. The staff and owner are always very welcoming, and the prices are reasonable. This is real Dunedin folks…not the remodeled, tourist-targeted simulacrum of Dunedin that seems to be popping up.
At Skip’s you will get a genuine feel for Dunedin’s Main Street…and see, for no apparent reason at all, dragon claws trying to escape an outdoor store room door.

There are often several pooches on the outdoor patio… if you don’t like dogs, don’t bother coming here, because people who don’t like dogs are awful.

Inside there’s a delightful or disturbing (depending on your taste and expectations) selection of juke box music. i.e.: Violent Femmes, Zeppelin, Clarence Carter, CCR… see what I mean?

Skip’s is “jolie laide”…that’s French for “ugly-pretty.” The men’s restroom is, at best, a place to pee. I’ve never been inside the the women’s room so I can’t comment on that.
They only take cash (fight the power Skip!)

We tend to travel to historic and vaguely literary destinations…and Skip’s reminds me of the kind of place famous authors hang out while drinking themselves into oblivion…in a artistically significant way of course. If you do not visit Skip’s… You have not visited Dunedin.

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