Hangover Cure

Dear Dunedin,

I do not work for El Huarache, but I do live within stumbling distance.
If you ever find yourself looking for that special hangover meal to bring you back to zero…look no further. The Cuban sandwich at El Huarache Azteca (2020 Bayshore Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698) is a must try.
I discovered this monstrosity last week.  The French term  “jolie laide” is used to describe someone who is unconventionally beautiful despite possessing some traits that are commonly considered ugly.  Well…this sandwich is the  “jolie laide” sandwich you never knew you wanted.  I don’t have the menu in front of me…and the entire experience is a bit of a blur…but here is what I remember.  The bread looked like Cuban bread to me, but it was not pressed. The sandwich contents were: thinly sliced steak, a hot dog sliced in half long-way, an egg, chorizo, ham, avocado, lettuce, white cheese, jalapeno peppers, tomato slices, and refried beans.  I am adding photos, because I know you probably won’t believe me.  No..it was not beautiful, but yes, it was beautiful in it’s ugliness.  It was strange, but tasty…in a very adventurous way. Enjoy!!!


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